Powering rural America with quality products
CHS keeps agriculture and rural communities running by supplying and transporting fuels and
lubricants all year long
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From the refinery to the gas pump, propane to renewable energy, CHS is powering ag.

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Cenex Brand

Get to know the energy brand and convenience stores that powers rural America.

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Keeping your ag equipment, industrial machinery, cars and trucks driving smoothly.

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Renewable Fuels

We’re in the business of ethanol and bio-energy production and marketing.

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See how America’s largest cooperative refiner keeps moving forward.

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Get safe and reliable propane fuel from one of the nation’s largest propane wholesalers.

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Energy Equipment

Providing petroleum and propane equipment for farms, businesses and gas stations.

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Industrial Products

We use soy, nitrogen and ethanol byproducts to create unique industrial products.

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CHS Petroleum Equipment Store

From the refinery to the service station, we power agriculture. Check out the products and expertise we can provide for you.

CHS Propane Equipment Store

CHS is a safe and reliable support for all your propane needs providing a full range of propane products and services.

Zutz family next to their farm equipment

Drilling down on engine oil


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Pulse on propane


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